United Space Dock: About Page


In order to colonize the solar system mankind needs to expand its' presence in space. To do that mankind needed a space station which ISS solved. The ISS provided a place for the learning experience that mankind needed to move to the next step, going back to the Moon and then onto Mars.

To go to the Moon and Mars you need a robust spacecraft that can last for more than one trip back and forth. Spending millions of dollars on a 'one use' spacecraft is a waste of money and national/corporate resources. The spacecraft needs to be able to last for years in space. It will also need to be designed to be refueled, maintained and resupplied in orbit. The spacecraft will also need to be constructed and manned in orbit, preferably in LEO or GEO. To do that we need to build a space dock that can be used to build the spacecraft in.

You cannot build a spacecraft, that is made to last for years in space, on the surface of the Earth and then launch in into orbit, it would be too heavy to get off the ground.

You need a Space Dock that is manned and used to not only build the spacecraft but to also refuel, resupply and maintain them.

United Space Dock is going to design and construct this space dock that will have a primary purpose of building spacecraft in orbit. This is the first step for humanity to go forth into our solar system and beyond. Not only will the space dock be a dock for spacecraft construction but will also fulfill the roles of support, re-supply, refuel and other such functions. It will also provide a platform for other space endevors listed in the Mission Statement below.

Mission Statement

To construct, service and support the spacecraft built and provide logging and training to the crews of said spacecraft.

To provide a place for scientific, spacecraft and life science centric research for current and future spacecrafts.

To grow food in space to lower the cost of transport to orbit.

To provide a vacation destination that will envy the most exotic distinations.

To provide a place to test new space techknowledgies in powerplants, engines and shielding safely.

To provide a place to dock ships not currently in use, providing berthing space for the ship for refueling, resuppling and maintaining the ship for the client until it departs again.

To provide a jump off point for travel out of Earth orbit and onward to the Moon, Mars and beyond.

To provide a spaceport platform for cargo spacecraft that bring cargo to the Moon, Mars and beyond.

To work with other Space Agencies to promote and support space based commerce

Robotic technology will be used to lower construction cost and increase safety for astronauts by lowering the amount of spacewalks needed for construction of spacecraft